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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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graduate of west catholic prep high school in philadelphia was among the victims in this weekend's shooting. akyra murray and 48 others were shot and killed inside a gay nightclub early sunday. 53 other people were wounded. the gunman omar mateen called 911 three times during the attack. he not only pledged loyalty to isis but expressed solidarity with the boston marathon bombers. a vigil will be held tonight in orlando for the victims of the attack. nbc 10's george spencer join us live now from orlando. >> and he's been following the latest since he arrived there yesterday afternoon. george? >> reporter: denise, orlando police have just confirmed within the past half hour that the crime scene around the nightclub about a mile south of where i'm standing will remain closed for the foreseeable future. they are encouraging visitors and drivers to stay away. it comes as the city says they have now identified all the victims in this tragedy, but
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have not contacted all of the family members. they say if you know someone who lives in orlando whom you have not heard from, reach out. this chilling snapchat video shows the moment a man opened fire inside the pulse nightclub beginning a rampage that claimed nearly 50 lives and wounded nearly 50 others before a police s.w.a.t. team stormed the club and shot and killed gunman omar mateen. also tonight new photos showed the car left behind by mateen. prayer beads hang from the rear-view mirror of the toyota camry parked at the xwlcomplex where he lived. nasa and marine corps bumpers are stuck to the trunk. >> if i did know, i would have called the forces myself to arrest him. >> reporter: map mateen's father
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says he does not agree with anything his son did. president obama briefed the american public saying there's no evidence so far that the shooter has ties overseas. rather it appears the shooter was inspired by internet propaganda. >> this is certainly an example of the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time. >> reporter: fbi director james comey revealed the gunman called 911 multiple times from inside the club during the attack. on the final call, he pledged loyalty to the leader of isis. the fbi investigated the gunman for ten months beginning in may of 2013 and eventually determined he was not a threat. >> we will work all day and all night to understand the path to that terrible night. we are also going to look hard at our work to see whether there is something we should do
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differently. so far, the honest answer is i don't think so. >> reporter: back to these live pictures from orlando, florida, right now. the city's most public memorial growing where we are stand right now. there's been a lot of talk about the 911 calls that the shooter made on the night of this crime. the orlando police said today they have received many requests to hear those recordings, but so far they are part of the active investigation and will not be released. >> george, we are hearing there's a city-run vigil tonight. but the city is asking people to hold off on this. what have you heard about it? >> reporter: part of these individuals will have to beg begin -- this area is being
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sangsan sangsan sanctioned as police said they did not want a lot of vigils going on because they wanted the police to be near the pulse nightclub. they wanted to concentrate all the resources there during the early investigative hours, not spread them around the city. but tonight marks the beginning of what is sure to be a number of vigils around this city. keith and denise? >> george spencer live for us in orlando. he'll join us every half hour with updates. thank you, george. and a family from philadelphia is one of those mourning the loss of a loved one tonight. >> akyra murray was just 17 years old and graduated just last week. monique braxton talked to her classmates late this afternoon. >> she is joining us from the high school in university city. monique, they must be in shock. >> reporter: oh, the accolades are numerous for akyra murray who is being called a scholar, a leader and a fierce basketball player. >> she was the head that we used
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to follow in line after her. >> reporter: how long did you play with her? >> oh, this was my first year playing with her. it was a hell of a year, it really was. >> reporter: that's how al alexandra members akyra murray. >> she was the hungry inside of all of us. >> reporter: she graduated from west preparatory high school one week ago and was vacationing in orlando with family and friends when shot and killed at pulse nightclub. her father albert murray posted this frantic message on facebook requesting prayers searching for his daughter. she said, come get me, i've been shot and losing a lot of blood. west catholic's principal said unfortunately the coroner notified akyra's dad. this morning jim gallagher got a call no parent or principal wants to receive. >> you just can't believe that this is happening. and then you start praying that maybe somebody made a mistake. one of the other teachers
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actually made a comment about how important it is for us to recognize that it's not the fact that she -- that we don't have any more time with her, just appreciate the time that we did spend with her. >> reporter: and this is where the school plans to gather to celebrate the time they had with akyra. they are going to be having a memorial service either tomorrow or the next day before the school wraps up for the year. in west philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." tonight we're learning more about the victims, what their lives were like. here's a look at their faces. this is 23-year-old pharmacy technician stanley almodovar iii. his mother had prepared a tomato for him to eat when he came from his night out. instead, she was awaked by a phone call in the middle of the night saying something happened. also kill in the rampage, kimberly morris, the 37-year-old just moved to orlando a couple
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weeks ago and worked as a bouncer at the pulse nightclub. her ex-girlfriend told a local paper morris was thrilled to get more involve in the lbgt community in orlando. and a mother who issued a heartbreaking plea for her son on tv yesterday learned his tragic fate today, just at 1:00 this afternoon christine lenonin's son christopher was added to the long list of victims. >> i don't know where my son is, no one can tell me where my son is. if he's been shot, if he's dead -- >> that was christine yesterday pleading for information about her 32-year-old son. lenonen said her son christopher was at the club with his boyfriend and two friends. christopher's boyfriend was also among those kill in the attack. and nbc 10 has learned the investigation into the orlando shooter has spread to new jersey. the fbi sent agents to a home in middlesex county where mateen's ex-wife used to live. and new jersey cydney long was
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in edison today and spoke with family members about their history with the killer. >> my sister is doing pretty good. she's a strong woman, as you can tell. >> reporter: omar mateen's ex-brother-in-law didn't feel comfortable giving us his name but expressed disbelief and remorse that mateen killed and wounded so many inside orlando's pulse nightclub. his sister met mateen online seven years ago and married them. >> this is a tragedy and i feel bad for those who lost their sons, their daughters. >> reporter: he confirmed his sister was mentally and physically abused by mateen but says he hardly new him. when you met him, when was your impression of him at the time? did he exhibit this behavior that you could tell? >> not this behavior. but, i don't know. >> reporter: did you stay close to his space? >> i don't know about that, no comment on that.
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>> reporter: mateen is called disturbed and mentally ill and the polar opposite of her beliefs. >> to be in some way afill yafi with someone to cause such a tragedy, it shook me. >> all eyes are on orlando. and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. >> reporter: mateen won't say whether or not the fbi seized evidence from inside the home on sunday. mateen's ex-brother-in-law says he's, quote, relieved and pretty happy his sister divorced him but he couldn't elaborate. what do you want to say in your own words? >> i don't want to say, i'm sorry. i don't want to cause more problems. >> reporter: from edison, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." muslim, jewish and christian religious leaders joined officials from the lbgt community this afternoon condemning the mass shooting in orlando. >> we need gun control clearly,
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but we also need people to start opening up their hearts and opening up their minds and coming together in peace and understanding and togetherness. because we are stronger together than we are separately. >> the head of the average street united methodist church said 50 empty chairs now sit outside the church in memory of the victims. the massacre in orlando is impacting the presidential races, gun control and national security once again are pushed into the spotlight. hillary clinton and donald trump both spoke about the tragedy today. take a listen. >> even as we make sure our security officials get the tools they need to prevent attacks, it's essential that we stop terrorists from getting the tools they need to carry out the attacks. >> if we don't get tough, and if we don't get smart and fast, we're not going to have our country anymore. >> trump went on to say the
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shooting in orlando justifies his call for a ban on muslim immigration. meanwhile, clinton insists trump's anti-muslim rhetoric only hurts efforts to fight terrorism. we have much more coverage still ahead, including scams you should lookout for if you're trying to help these victims. and lester holt is going to join us live from orlando to share his experience with the victims, the families and their community. and those who lined up hours to give blood to the victims, but many were not allowed to help their family and friends. how the tragedy ignited a new debate over who can donate blood. stay with nbc 10 ease live coverage from orlando on air, on and on nbc 10's mobile app. count on it.
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we are following the terror in orlando this day. the owner who sold the gunman his weapons said he passed a background check. he said the shooter referenced
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the boston marathon bombers at one point. and the red cross says a lot of people are donating blood to help the victims of the orlando massacre. nbc 10 in camden county college in blackwood today had a school team up with the red cross and county leaders to take blood donations. they tell us there's been a steady stream of donors all day long. and those who came in to give blood tell us, they just want to help out. >> i haven't given blood in a while, it makes me realize that you should try to give back. just because there are people who could use it right now. >> students plan to hold a vigil on campus tonight for the orlando victims. in orlando people lined up for hours to donate blood, but many of those who were closest to the victims were not allowed. that's because the fda still bans sexually active gay men
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from donating. lauren mayk is live where people are very frustrated by this ban. >> reporter: this is frustrating and they argue that it is something that doesn't make sense to them because of the advances we have made in testing today. now take a look, today i talked to david acosta who is the found ore of the gay and lesbian aids initiative and said the policy needs to be rescinded. >> many of us have been pushing the fda to lift the ban. it really is, you know, kind of discriminatory. it's the same for heterosexual individuals who are engaging or have active sex lives. >> reporter: specifically this rule says men who have had sex with another man within the past year should defer donating blood for one year. live in center city, i'm lauren
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mayk, "nbc 10 news." lauren, thank you. still ahead on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, a mother shares the final text messages she received from her son from inside the pulse nightclub. plus, a man who used to work with the gunman tells us why he knew omar mateen was scary and full of hate long before the attacks in ord land dough. orlando. now your first-alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good evening. a beautiful day today. plenty of sunshine. dry air in place. and we're cooler than we were yesterday. so much more comfortable across the area. here's a live look at center city right now with some clouds around. and the thin clouds today have helped a little bit to keep some of the temperatures down, but we really just remain in the 70s. also don't forget with the neighborhood weather, the seven-day forecast is controlling right at the bottom of the screen for you. in philadelphia right now, it's 77 degrees. a nice breeze out of the west right at 14 miles an hour. and the rest of the area sitting
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in the 70s. mostly the mid-70s. 73in trenton. coatsville coming in at 73 degrees. allentown coming in at 72. and when you compare it to yesterday at this time, temperatures are running about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. if you're in dover, though, your temperature of 13 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. so certainly noticeable, a lot more comfortable across the area, especially with the dry air mass in place. we are nice and dry with a few showers in parts of central p.a. winding down. they looked like they were moving toward the area, but our air mass is a little too dry to support that. we won't see rain until we go to wednesday night. so we have quite a dry stretch setting up for us. here's future weather for tonight. it's going to be a nice evening. tomorrow another beautiful, sunny day. temperatures right around 80 degrees. you don't need the umbrella. then we go into wednesday and we'll start to see more in the way of changes. more clouds moving in throughout the day. by the afternoon, you might notice the increase in cloud
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cover. rain gets here wednesday night. and here's 10:30 in the morning thursday. so after the dry stretch through most of the day wednesday, we start kind of a bit of a rainy couple of days. so thursday we expect the rain to be here along with cooler temperatures. so you will also notice that. now until we get there tomorrow, still going to be really nice. if you are in the philadelphia area, 83 degrees. in landsdale, 83 degrees. in allentown, temperatures near the upper 70s. if you're in new jersey, atlantic city is in the upper 70s. tomorrow is a great day at the shore. in dover, 79 for a high temperature tomorrow. but then we start to see the changes. here's the ten-day outlook on wednesday with more clouds moving in. but we'll be warmer, 87 degrees. that's the warmest day this week. then we go into thursday, rain gets here. look at the temperatures dropping to 75 by friday. the rain chances are still in the forecast, 72 degrees. keeler air mass by saturday, 80
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degrees. so for the weekend so far, everything does look dry and around 80 degrees. looking pretty good and going into next week, even with have some 90-degree temperatures on the map. we'll talk more about that rain later on this week with your neighborhood weather. that's coming up. thank you, sheena. also tonight, christina grimmie's hometown in burlington county prepares to say farewell to the singer. they are planning a candlelight vigil to honor the 22-year-old shot after a concert in orlando. grimmie was signing autographs when a man shot her. then he turned the gun on himself. grimmie was a star on youtube also known for her appearance on nbc's "the voice" two years ago. another local contestant audra mclaughlin became close friends with grimmie. >> she was just such a dedicated artist. and she was an amazing artist, an amazing person. an amazing friend to everybody on the show. and, you know, it's just heartbreaking.
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>> tonight's vigil begins at 8:45 at the marlton memorial sports complex. switching gears, the government argued its case for three hours. and attorneys for chaka fattah got a chance to argue their case. the congressman and four co-defendants will be in court tomorrow. he's accused of illegally taking $1 million in campaign loans from a friend when he ran for mayor of philadelphia. prosecutors say he also tampered with federal grants and nonprofit funds. fattah links former political consultants for the wrongdoing. and we are working on an update. you will see this tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00. progress overnight for firefighters battling a forest fire in south jersey. check out this cell phone video we got from a viewer driving by yesterday. you can see the smoke there. that fire is burning through part of the state forest in
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burlington county. that fire charred more than 350 acres but is now 80% contained. the future of fair payments arrived for septa riders. the first septa key cards are being held tonight. they are electronic cards that will be eventually replacing those tokens and passes. they are set to make 10,000 available this morning. once you have one you can reload it with money online just like an ez pass. for now the key cards work on subways, buses and trolleys. septa will expand the program to regional rail and paratransit in the coming months. also tonight, making their point by making some noise. how protesters used this unusual demonstration to get the attention of state leaders.
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lawmakers are pushing to change sexual abuse laws. and many making noise about their bill. at a demonstration this morning, trained professionals chopped wood. it was a symbol of barriers that need to be broken to reform the statutes of pennsylvania. similar fights happening in new york and new jersey were also there. >> what we have seen is that this issue is increasingly becoming more national and that it is becoming what some of us are referring to as the civil rights movement for children.
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>> this is facing resistance from the catholic church. the solicitor general testified to the community that the statute of limitation goes against the state constitution. in a little more than a year, more than a thousand lives have been saved in pennsylvania. and today governor tom wolf held a press conference to talk about the reversing drug. firefighters, first responders and school officials across the state now carry this drug and many can get it from their local pharmacies. it is just the first step to combatting the heroin epidemic in the state. >> too many prisoners are suffering from a medical drug problem. and we can treat them effectively with a lot less money if we treat this as the disease it really is. >> the governor has set aside $34 million in his budget to build 50 treatment centers. next on "nbc 10 news" at
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5:00, we go live to orlando with the latest on this weekend's deadly attack at the pulse nightclub. >> nbc 10's george spencer has been learning more about the victims and how the community is remembering them. plus, how can you help? nbc 10 is showing you the best ways to give your time and your money and be sure it's going to the right places. 
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let's bring you up-to-date
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on today's developments on the terror in orlando. >> investigators say omar mateen called 911 during the attacks and pledged loyalty to a jumbled number of islamic organizations. one of his youngest victims was identified as akyra murray who was a basketball standout that just graduated from west catholic prep in philly. meanwhile, vigils for the victims are planned in center city and orlando in a few hours from now. you can imagine the community in orlando is remembering those lost in the massacre. >> tonight residents are grieving and showing solidarity and defiance. george spencer has been reporting from orlando since yesterday. >> he is joining us now live with more stories of people touched by this tragedy. they are everywhere, george. >> reporter: keith, it has been so powerful and so widespread to witness this memorial site right in the middle of downtown that has been growing by the hour, growing even as we have been out here watching as people come by to drop off flowers, leave
5:31 pm
messages, some simply to pray. this memorial is really the ongoing and live narrative of this community's response. young and old, mourners approached as if on a sacred mission. each one bringing with them a reason they had to be here today. each one bringing a vision that sees beyond the pain of this massacre. >> we aren't going to hide. we're not going to hide from who we are and what we believe in. >> reporter: this woman, an orlando area native, confirmed her fears this morning. she lost a friend in the pulse nightclub attack. this woman only in orlando for about a year did not know any of the victims but felt gratitude for the first responders who saved lives. >> there is a lot of orlando pride. there's just a lot of love for the city. you know, the actions of one person doesn't represent the city as a whole. it's such a beautiful city. >> reporter: perhaps the most poignant message was this woman, a survivor of the shooting in the club that night.
5:32 pm
she wrote, r.i.p. luis, i am sad you didn't have the same outcome as i did, but i will never forget you. just steps away from her we found giovani nevez in tears, two friends confirmed among the dead. >> they were my dear loved ones. >> reporter: he celebrated at the club often with friends both straight and gay. and feels a strange guilt about the fact that he almost went to pulse on saturday night but ended up staying home. >> i was just very tired and i didn't go. and, i thank god for keeping me safe, but i just, i wish everybody else would have been kept safe as well. >> reporter: versions of that story are so common here. we are only about five blocks away from the senior center where many of the victims' families gathered to get a briefing from the fbi and the
5:33 pm
medical examiner. perhaps the most poignant illustration of the day, the image of the day were the processions of family members leaving that senior center together, having just heard news that will change their lives. reporting live tonight in orlando, i'm george spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> george, thank you for keeping us updated. we'll see you again at 6:00. and throughout the more, we've been telling you more about the victims. >> that's right. learning about who they were, caring and energetic, that's how family members describe edward sotomayor. friends say he was a popular fun-loving guy. his top hats made others smile. the 34-year-old from sarasota, florida, worked for a company that held gay cruises and often travelled to promote the company's events. 22-year-old luis vielma worked for disney world. he loved his job at the wizarding world of harry potter. he was known for his pleasant
5:34 pm
attitude and warm demeanor. jk rolling tweeted this picture of vielma and said i can't stop crying. we continue to hear harrowing stories from inside the pulse nightclub and from desperate families outside the club. one of the mothers with us texting with her son as the gunman aittacattacked. she heard from her 30-year-old son eddie 2:00 sunday morning. eddie told his mom he ran into a bathroom with another club patron to hide from the gunman. >> he texted me at 2:06 and said, mommy, i love you. in this club they're shooting. that was at 2:06. trap in the bathroom. downtown. please call police. i'm going to die. call them, momma, now. i'm telling -- i'm in the bathroom. he's coming. i'm going to die.
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>> sadly, eddie was right. he did not survive the shooting. as we learn more about the victims, we are uncovering new information about the gunman responsible for the deadly attack in orlando. the fbi investigated mateen twice in the last four years for possible links with violent extremism. today federal agents say there are no known ties between the 29-year-old and overseas terror organizations. but they add he clearly was radicalized, in part, from the internet. some said the teen was, quote, unstable and unhinged. >> he said things like, you know, this guy thinks he's better than me. and this end is not and i hate all them and i want to kill all of them. >> he referred to every race, gender and religion in a negative way. nbc's lester holt is joining
5:36 pm
us live from orlando. he's been there live since sunday morning to bring us the latest on the joining going investigation. >> lester, thank you for join us. it's the day after the horrific attack, but i can only imagine the emotion in that community is still very raw. >> reporter: yeah, i think everyone is kind of walking tenderly here. and sadly, i've seen it so many other places, san bernardino, sandy hook, paris, brussels, there's the initial shock and then there's that sense of something's not right. and will we ever get our stride back. i think that's what you're seeing here. you mentioned the fbi investigation. i can tell you coming up on nightly news tonight, we'll be taking a closer look at how someone who was the subject of what sounded like a pretty thorough fbi investigation would slip below the radar, able to buy weapons and commit such a horrific crime like this. we're also going to breakdown the timeline. we have learned a lot about what happened, how police responded, the security guard inside, what he did, what the shooter did and about three phone calls,
5:37 pm
conversations between 911 dispatch and the shooter during the siege. and then my interview with a mother who you may have seen over the last 36 hours or so. she was going before cameras, going everywhere she could to find out about her son. she got the awful news today and we were with her a few hours later to hear more of her story. so it's all coming up on a busy expanded edition of "nightly news" from orlando torna lanlan. >> that will be right after nbc 10. tonight's broadcast will last a full hour to bring you complete coverage from orlando. some of you may want to help out the orlando victims and their families by giving time and money. >> nbc 10 responds has been digging into some things to lookout for to make sure the money goes to where it should be. nbc 10's harry hairston is here with the details. >> well, keith and denise, time and time again we hear that many
5:38 pm
have opened their hearts and wallets to those in need. horrific scenes have some of us ready again to rally to aid those who need it. before you do, though, here are tips we found from the better business bureau to help ensure you are not being duped from someone attempting to take advantage of your goodwill. first of all, pay attention. be proactive and find trusted charities that are providing assistance. do some research. see if there are any issues with how the charity is managed. check to see if the charity is registered with the state. if it's not, it may not be legit. so most states do require charities to be registered. don't assume just because the charity is on social media that it is legit. and never click on links to charities on unfamiliar websites or e-mails. these might be look-alike websites just looking for your personal financial information. and also remember not all donations are tax-exempt. the organizations must be a
5:39 pm
501-c3 under the internal revenue code, okay, guys? >> good information. thank you, harry. our coverage of the terror in orlando continues straight ahead on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. coming up, the debate over assault weapons. we asked a local gun store owner to weigh in. also ahead, they worked together hundreds of feet in the air. that takes a lot of trust. who better to trust than your own family? meet the father/son team who are helping to build the new contact tower in philadelphia.
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as delaware confirms a fifth case of the zika virus, officials are helping to ward off the virus. the state today announced a new castle county man who traveled to an infected area in may contracted zika from an infected mosquito. and tonight new castle county council will vote on the proposal to penalize property owners for having standing water in their yards. the move is aimed at limiting the number of mosquitoes.
5:42 pm
homeowners could be fined $50. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will take the next couple of days off as he undergoes a prostate cancer procedure. the governor's press secretary says doctors will perform an outpatient procedure on the governor tomorrow. governor wolf will spend two days at home and return to the office on thursday. the governor announced his diagnosis back in february and said it was caught early. he's expected to make a full recovery. to this now, voters split down the middle when it comes to bringing the casino industry to north jersey. groups on both sides of the aisle are throwing all their cards on the table before the november election. there's a group of south jersey businesses called no north jersey casinos. they promise to defeat the ballot question that allows two new casinos to open near new york city. the pro-north jersey sidekicked off its own campaign last week. well, coming up, we have a nice, dry stretch, but there is rain in the forecast before the week's over. and some cooler temperatures.
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i'll show you that with the neighborhood weather coming up next. ♪
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now a look at new developments in the terror in orlando. hospital officials are very optimistic that the nightclub chuting victims being treated will recover. 50 people injured in the attack on the night club along with 49 others killed. in the past hour the u.s. called on the united nations to not only con zdemn the massacre but also to protect gay and transgender people from further attacks. this shooting has led to a debate over gun control. >> we know the gunman used a
5:46 pm
semiautomatic assault rifle. critics are arguing the general public does not need access to these high-powered military-style weapons. >> nbc 10's bureau reporter ted greensberg spoke to the government about who is using the rifles. >> reporter: for scott, this is a family sport. >> it's a beautiful day. this is one of my hobbies. i like to spend time with my daughter and other kids. >> reporter: he has a family membership to south jersey shooting club in winslow township. like many other americans, the wom father was stunned by the massacre in orlando. >> it's crazy, insane. >> reporter: his semiautomatic rifle is similar to the ar-style weapon omar mateen used in the mass shooting, but his is legal in new jersey. in the wake of the massacre, he worried lawmakers will try to toughen gun rules for law-abiding owners. >> you have these crazy people that can get a gun from anybody out on the street.
5:47 pm
what are you going to do to protect us from them getting a gun illegally? >> reporter: questions have been raised, why have a gun like this? the president of bangor sport shop next to the firing range says people just find them fun to shoot. bangors selling ar-style rifles and offers classes on using them. >> we have doctors, lawyers, attorneys, your average blue alcohol already a worker, we most recently sold to a group of elderly women that just wanted to shoot them for enjoyment. >> reporter: he tells me he's been seeing a recent increase in gun sales. he believes it's due in part to the current presidential election season. particularly stricter gun control talk from hillary clinton. >> it seems like when people talk about them, they just want to buy more, regardless of why. >> reporter: ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> even though the fbi looked into the gunman twice, that did not prevent him from buying the guns he use in the attack.
5:48 pm
under federal law, you must be convicted of a felony to be banned from buying firearms. last september supporters tried to pass a law to block suspected terrorists from buying guns and explosives. but the senate voted it down. and senator bob casey wants to keep guns out of the hands with people with hate crimes in their past. today he introduced the hate crimes prevention act to prevent anyone convicted of a hate crime from buying or possessing a gun. >> we've got hundreds and hundreds of hate groups across the country now that weren't around even a couple years ago. weren't around five years ago, ten years ago. >> the legislation also calls for a ban on military-style weapons, limits clips and magazine sizes and it also bans anyone on the fbi's terrorist watch list from buying a gun.
5:49 pm
well, as we go throughout the night tonight, it will be nice outside. the weather today is very comfortable, especially when you compare it to yesterday. we'll stay warm and dry through wednesday now. wednesday you'll start to notice some changes, but most of the day will be nice and dry. also, don't forget with your neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. so as we go through tomorrow, another dry day across the area. starting wednesday night, that's when the rain will approach. and then we'll see it through the day thursday. also with the rain, we have some cooler temperatures coming that will be cool and rainy to end out the week. just keep that in mind if you have the plans thursday and friday. temperatures right now are in the 70s. plenty of sunshine. just some thin clouds around through the philadelphia area. 76 in delaware. 72 in the lee high valley. but tonight conditions will be nice and quiet. clouds around for easton, 72 degree. by 9:00 p.m., the upper 60s.
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by 7:00 a.m., a comfortable start right in the upper 50s with nice, dry conditions. dry stretch continues across philadelphia. you see the clouds around in the picture. but there's no rain anywhere around except nearing parts of the pocanos. but really, we do expect to stay dry as we go through tonight. you don't see rain back off to the west. a few showers in pennsylvania. those kind of died out. our air mass is a little bit too dry for that right now. future weather as we go through tonight, we keep the clouds around for a little while. but then tomorrow it will be another sunny, nice day with temperatures near 80 degrees. then we go into wednesday with changes. you'll notice more cloud cover moving in ahead of some rain. and then that rain gets here as we go into thursday. there's 10:30 in morning on thursday as we expect showers to move in along with cooler temperatures. you'll need the umbrella for the end of the week. until we get there, it will stay nice. tomorrow, 81 degrees in philadelphia. wednesday, 87. more cloud cover on thursday. rainy and 75 degrees. so a little bit cooler tomorrow.
5:51 pm
in the pennsylvania suburbs, 80 degrees and sunny. more clouds on wednesday in the mid-80s. we start to warm up to wednesday and drop back down with rain and temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow in the lehigh valley, the mid-80s. rainy on thursday. same thing for new jersey and along the shore. near 80 degrees tomorrow. more clouds as we go into wednesday. and then there's that rain on thursday with cooler temperatures, especially at the shore. thursday, 68 degrees and rainy. and if you're in delaware, you can expect temperatures staying right around 80 degrees tomorrow. then cooler and rainy going into thursday. thank you, sheena. as you can imagine, it takes a lot of teamwork and hard work to build 60 stories from scratch. >> so the new comcast center has turned into a family affair. next at 5:00, meet the fathers and sons who are creating the foundation for philadelphia's tallest building.
5:52 pm
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here is a live look at center city. look at the progress and how fast it is happening. the brand new comcast innovation center is shooting into the philadelphia skyline all thanks to local skilled workers. and many of them actually are related. >> yes, more than you might expect. you might be wondering, what the heck are they building? it looks like a lot of concrete soaring into the sky. crews told me they called this process the core and the shell first. here's an explainer.
5:55 pm
♪ >> reporter: it may not look like much now, but in time -- the comcast innovation and technology center will compliment the night sky across the schuylkill and dominate our skyline. but it starts from scratch with workers calling the core and the shell. >> we are standing on the heart of the loading platform. >> reporter: mike galaney shows us the makeshift elevator. a first of its kind for construction in philly. it will be removed from the building when the building is done. the shell's steel and concrete floors rise from the bottom. that's why the building looks like this right now. it's a huge $1.5 billion job.
5:56 pm
do you get overwhelmed? >> it can get overwhelming. but fortunately we have good people to support each other here. i had practice on the first one. so, that helped. >> reporter: like many, pat and his son, how great is it to be working with your non. >> i like it a lot, it's great. it's a good feeling to be here. >> reporter: they both work here at the top but it took a while to get used to. >> he didn't like working with me. >> we definitely had our moments, for sure. for sure in the morning, neither one of us are morning people. >> he would start arguing with me so i would throw him off on a side job. >> reporter: we found another great father/son team. >> he's a great intelligent kid. he's a structural grad like myself and my father before me. >> reporter: joe and ed mckernan are engineers. >> you go home and start talking
5:57 pm
about it, you really get to learn a lot. >> reporter: family and teamwork, the strongest foundation. what is that going to be like someday to tell your kids that you took part in this, even your grandkids? >> they are all pretty stoked about it. they like to talk to their friends and tell them what their dad is doing. >> a lot of great families part of this process, helping comcast bring that building all the way up into the sky. as far as local father/son teams go, we actually interviewed ten of them. you can see all of their stories coming up mondays right here on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. >> very interesting. keeping it all in the family, right? >> very cool. and it's shooting up quick. >> it is. >> "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 is next. here's jaqueline london. thank you. coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00, live team coverage of the terror in orlando. what we have uncovered about the local connection to the youngest victim identified in the shooting. and we'll explain how philadelphia is preparing to
5:58 pm
come together for the victims. that's next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
the faces of the terror in oen orlando. young people living it up inside the nightclub. some of them were tourists traveling through town including
6:00 pm
a philadelphia teenager celebrating her high school graduation. >> from that very first time that i met her in the hallway, she just made sure that i felt welcomed here. >> but sunday morning gunfire ripped through that club. and made them the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. right now at 6:00, you are taking a live look at two communities coming together in the wake of a massacre. a growing memorial near the site of yesterday's shooting in orlando. and a vigil for the victims that will soon get underway at philadelphia city hall. i'm jaqueline london. tonight nbc 10 learned that one of the 49 victims killed was a high school basketball star from west philadelphia on vacation with her family in orlando. she is the youngest of the victims identified so far. we will share her story in just a few minutes. but first, the very latest on the investigation, the owner of a gun store where the


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